Not in Kansas anymore

April 29, 2008

Bangkok sounds of a thousand hearts beating.  It is spicy on my tongue and silk to touch. It smells of pineapple and smoke. It is a woman with a broken heart and open legs. It is little girls at midnight in a grown up world. It is wet and it is thirsty. It is laughter and flowers and pavement and hope. It is old men with full bellies and hungry eyes. It is a little elephant who made me cry. Bangkok is orange robes in dusty lanes. Roosters crowing and frozen vegetables in my icecream. It is a breakdance to a symphony of engines and applause. It is hot and salty and sticky and sweet. It is wind in my hair and life before my eyes. It is everything for sale to the tune of resilience. It is stretched out on the asphalt with nothing but a smile. Bangkok is a short hello and goodbye.

Now in Pattaya I am learning that when I thought Bangkok was hot, I was mistaken. We are burning up in the fire here and the ocean offers no relief. A strawberry milkshake was the closest to God Ive felt in a while. I cant say I am particularily enamoured with this litle sin city. I have seen about three couples who havent consisted of an old white man with a thai woman half his age and quadruples more attractive. It is a bit vomit inducing in large doses. Still the heat leaves much time for reflection and free flowing thoughts and I am eternally grateful for my eyes opening wide to the world around me. Victoria is still in bangkok waiting for her love to arrive, so David and I are here on our own and will most likely be headed back to the big city tommorrow where we will celebrate Davids birthday and then head to the North. I am looking forward to seeing a more authentic, natural thailand.


4 Responses to “Not in Kansas anymore”

  1. Dearest eyes open wide Alexis,

    Whatever you do in your life, do not give up writing and sharing your experiences with the world. Your voice is awesome to hear… and then the phone rang!!!! How wonderful to chat with you my love. It was thrilling to hear your voice and to listen to your wide eyed wonder of your world today.

    Love you more than all the smoky heat you’ll ever feel. Let your thoughts flow free as you sink into the moment and live, laugh, love… and dance!

    Love, hugs and beans,


  2. Iris Gallagher said

    9th Aprol 2008

    Dear Alexis,

    I love to read your comments on your exciting big trip, I did not have that privilege when I made my big (voyage)when I left home, because I was expecting your Auntie Jackie, I saw the “world ” in different phase of life, living on a big ship ,crossing the seas to a another continent of the world, and it was at the end of the war.

    Be yourself dear Alexis, you are doing a fine job, and come back safe and sound,
    You are always in my prayers every night, God bless, Love Nana

  3. Anne said

    HI Alexis,
    You have the gift of capturing on paper the essence of the chaotic sights and sounds around you. It is such a joy to read your blog and I always await each entry with anticipation. Alexis, I have a feeling that if you were to write a novel, you would very quickly become my favourite author.
    Take good care and stay safe.
    Lots of love, Auntie Annie

    ps: it would be great if you were able to capture some of the heat and sunshine and magically transport it to Vancouver, as the Coast is definitely due for some serious sunshine!

  4. Jackie Trafford said

    Dearest Alexis,
    What a delight it is to read your lyrical words which come alive on the written page. You are able to capture the sights and sounds of another country and make them almost visible to the reader.

    Uncle Jim and I returned from Europe on Monday and are slowly adjusting to Mtn Standard Time but we know there is no rushing jet lag, as it takes its own sweet time. One day for every hour of time change…by next Monday or Tues we should be back on track.

    Had lunch yesterday with Nana at her favorite spot, Phil’s Pancake House on 16th AveN.W. Briana and Mitchell were at the next table so it was lovely to chat with them and to hear about Jubilation Dinner Theatre where Briana is currently working. Mitchell said that he had gone to a wine tasting at Willow Park and lo and behold, Jesse was doing the demonstration. He was very impressed with Jesse’s knowledge of the wine industry and said that he put on a very good presentation…of that, I would have no doubts.

    Trust that it isn’t too hot and sticky for you although I suspect that it is. We think of you so often and are so happy knowing that you are enjoying yourself. Trust that Vicki met up with her boyfriend and that David let’s you win the odd game of Monopoly.

    I forgot to mention that I lit many a candle in France just for you….so nice to be able to light a real candle in old stone churches.

    Take good care Alexis,
    Miss and Love you,
    Auntie Jackie and Uncle Jim
    P.S. Nana’s comment above was so sweet. How she traveled at the end of war through oceans that were mined, suffered through bombed out London, travelled across another ocean to Canada always amazes me. We need to put it all in writing so that we have her amazing history on paper.

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